Livio documentation
Getting startedSquarespace website1. Create a new Livio room2. Copy Livio code3. Edit your Squarespace website4. Secure your Livio room

How to install Livio video chat to your Squarespace website

1. Create a new Livio room

Login to your Livio dashboard and create a new room

2. Copy Livio code

To copy the Livio code click the copy icon of the room you want to embed

3. Edit your Squarespace website

  • Open the Squarespace site admin and edit the page where you want to add the livio chat

  • Add a "code block" to the page and use the code you copied from step 2.

Here is a help page from Squarespace on that topic: Adding custom code to your site

4. Secure your Livio room

Whitelist your website domain in the Livio dashboard: